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Win an ipad2- submit photos to!

Stand a chance to win an ipad 2 simply by taking photos of Singapore and posting them to our website! Here's how to get started:

1. Like ComeSingapore on Facebook

2. Go to and click the blue FB Connect button. This earns you one chance of winning

3. Upload a photo or a tip. For every 3 likes/twitter shares you entry garners, you earn one chance of winning.

4. If we choose your entry, you earn 2 chances of winning if we select your tip and 3 chances if we select your photo.

5. At the end of the contest, we will choose the winner impartially by lucky draw.

That's all! For more details visit our facebook page here:

*Any entries containing vulgarities, personal attacks or nudity will be deleted.

Happy snapping away! Feel free to ask us any questions on this thread or our Facebook page.
sorry i think i will give it a miss...don't know whether you all will send me spam or anything
(22nd June 2011, 02:38 PM)qazwsxed Wrote: sorry i think i will give it a miss...don't know whether you all will send me spam or anything

Don't worry, we will not send you any spam in your Facebook or email inbox! We also do not store any personal information about your Facebook account. So be rest assured and do a Facebook connect with us, it earns you one chance of winning!

1 Chance by doing just FB connect
and best part is the tourist tip!

At least to me, tourist tip is much easier than taking photos.
woah okay i popular is this contest excatly?
(24th June 2011, 05:42 PM)qazwsxed Wrote: woah okay i popular is this contest excatly?

Probably the right balance between lots of chance vs. effort put in to submit Wink had a look there already. Jiayou everyone Big Grin
It's the last week to submit your entries!

Dear Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, visit before Sunday, July 3 to earn your chances at that iPad.

Award-winning photographer Willy Foo will judge the 10 best photos and they'll each earn a pair of movie passes, so your skills will not go unnoticed.

Why not tempt Lady Luck and click on for this contest today!
One click earns you one chance!

Hit that Facebook Connect button to give yourself one raffle ticket Smile

[Image: ipad-2.jpg]

It's worth it for this gleaming baby!

Tell your friends and family to earn yourself even more chances of winning.
Last and final bump as the contest ends today! Midnight! Get those submissions in and good luck!
To those who took part - thank you! We closed the contest a month ago.

We wrote about the lucky iPad 2 winner hereand the top 10 photos from the competition - which really make familiar Singapore landmarks look beautiful - over here.

Bye all!

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