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Singaporeans curry protest against migrants imposing their standards on Singaporeans
Singapore curry protest against migrants imposing their standards on Singaporeans

As of today, about more than 55,000 people have pledged their support for a Facebook page urging Singapore citizens to cook curry this weekend in protest against migrant Chinese National family trying to stop an Indian Singapore family from cooking curry in their own home.

This facebook online protest began after the Today newspaper reported few days ago that a Singapore Indian family was brought to Community Mediation Center (CMC) by a Chinese National migrant family to stop their curry cooking in their own home because they cannot stand the smell of curry.

Singaporeans are very angry and fed up with PAP government open door policy of unchecked relentless influx of foreigners into Singapore at the expense of Singaporeans and this is one typical example of migrant family becoming swell headed and instead of accommodating and adapting to such a typical lifestyle in Singapore, brought a complaint to Community Mediation Center (CMC).

This well supported subtle protest against an unpopular PAP policy is garnering strength daily and it appears to badly affect even the upcoming Elected Presidential Election that the Elected Presidential candidate ex-PAP cabinet minister of 20 years, Dr Tony Tan was booed and jeered with "Bullshit" at his speech on Elected Presidential Election Nomination day.

Despite an earlier announcement of Singaporeans First at Singapore National Day Rally by PM Lee Hsien Loong, it didn't stop people from jeering Dr Tony Tan with loud calls of "bullshit". It looks like the deep unhappiness and resentment against PAP for their pro-immigrant policy at the expense of Singapore citizens remains deep and unresolved and it appears that most Singaporeans are very skeptical of PAP leadership annoucement of Singaporeans First policy.

Suggestion has been made for calls to impose limits on fixed quota of imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution instead of simple annoucement of Singaporeans First policy. See Hopefully, such a suggestion will help to go to show truly that this is a real Singaporeans First policy and not just for show.
What do you think of the above? What are your views? Share your views and opinions.

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