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S'pore must remain cohesive, helmed by first-rate leaders: ESM Goh
S'pore must remain cohesive, helmed by first-rate leaders: ESM Goh

SINGAPORE: Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong says Singapore has to stay exceptional by remaining cohesive as a nation, with first-rate leaders to navigate the choppy seas of the changing world order.

As a small state with its own changing domestic landscape, it will have its work cut out, he said.

Mr Goh shared his views, experiences and hard truths on how Singapore navigates, survives and even thrives in a challenging world -- at a public lecture, "Navigating A Changing World: Perspectives of a Small State", at Harvard University Asia Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Monday.

Mr Goh, who was invited to speak as an Ezra F. Vogel Distinguished Visitor said the perennial challenge for small states is to preserve their independence and remain relevant and competitive.

He said they will have a long and bumpy journey with recurring political, economic and financial crises, and even regional conflicts, along the way.

Stressing the need for domestic consensus, Mr Goh said Singapore's experience has shown that small states can overcome the odds and play a meaningful role in the international arena if they can succeed as a country -- with a vibrant economy, effective and forward-looking national institutions, as well a progressive and prosperous society.

He said governance must be outstanding and there must be a national consensus on where the country is heading and how problems are to be solved.

"Unless we are respected as a successful country, we cannot expect to exercise any international influence. Why should others listen to us or deal with us if our house is in disarray and we cannot even solve our own problems?" he asked.

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What do you think of the above? What are your views? Share your views and opinions.
That was in the past.

Many Singaporeans now view our PAP leaders as weak pathetic leaders who need casinos to generate income for the country.

In the past, many Singaporeans were told that casinos will not be built in Singapore but things changed and our new generation of PAP leaders were too weak to say no to casinos.

Singapore is now polarised and split with some very against casinos being built in Singapore and having too many foreigners in Singapore.

For the period 1980s to 2000s, the percentage of foreigners were not high and the citizens were happier and not polarised.

After 2000s, with 2 casinos and almost 40% of the population in Singapore being foreigners, the country become polarised, split and many Singaporeans became distrustful of PAP politicians because for the years from 2009 to 2011, PAP politicians had been promising reducing foreigners inflow into Singapore but the truth is more than 180,000 foreigners "invaded" into Singapore according to latest statistics; an even greater inflow than before, which thus result in many Singaporeans' viewpoints of "wayang" and "just pure political talk on foreigners inflow all along" which is why many Singaporeans are not putting a lot of trust any more on PAP politicians.

It is sad that the trust so painstakingly built up by Lee Kuan Yew and his band of partners is now so severely eroded that only hardcore PAP supporters remain supporting PAP while majority of Singapore citizens are now most of the time taking a pinch of salt to the words of any PAP politicians.

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