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National Day Rally 2012 - A Bigger Heart - An Inclusive Society - BUT
National Day Rally 2012 - A Bigger Heart - An Inclusive Society - BUT

In his National Day Rally speech, PM Lee Hsien Loong urged Singaporeans to be caring and compassionate to the needy and elderly, and be generous to those around us.

He said that Singapore has worked hard to build an inclusive society by enabling all Singaporeans, especially the weak, the elderly and the disabled, to enjoy the fruits of Singapore’s progress through housing, education and healthcare. The country’s growth has also created jobs and improved lives for all.

Highlighting several significant initiatives that were introduced in this year’s Inclusive Budget, including the Silver Housing Bonus for the elderly and GST Vouchers for the low and middle-income, PM Lee said that beyond investing more to address various social needs, the Government is also setting a new strategic direction for stronger social safety nets and striking a new balance in the social compact.

He added that inclusiveness is not just having more good things from the state, and stressed that safety nets must be coupled with self-reliance. In this regard, he urged Singaporeans to be ‘tough as individuals, close as families, cohesive as a society and strong as a nation’ by being prepared to compete and hold our own and having the spunk to pick ourselves up and press on when we encounter setbacks. There must also be a sense of mutual responsibility, especially among more successful Singaporeans, to help others to succeed too.


Unspoken additions after "A Bigger Heart - An Inclusive Society" but all Singaporeans know, so here it is :-

A Bigger Heart - An Inclusive Society "BUT excluding any anti-casinos supporters, opposition members, opposing internet noise complainers, landed property owners angry with outsiders disrupting community parking due to lack of parking spaces and so forth"

Note: "But excluding ..... " are the unspoken additions that all Singaporeans know.

Just having a little fun, somebody will come up with something like that anyway just for laughs.

From a PAP supporter simply because opposition sincerely lacks the brain powers and talents whereas PAP has gathered them over their side.


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