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"Hopelessly", "Heartlessly" & "Homelessly" Parody to "Hope", "Heart" & "Home" Theme
"Hopelessly", "Heartlessly" & "Homelessly" Parody to "Hope", "Heart" & "Home" Theme

One Theme on National Day Rally 2012 was "Hope", "Heart" & "Home" which was kind of jokingly countered back by me, 1 single person, within 1 hour of the National Day Rally 2012 ending with a simple parody on one of the theme :-

“HOPELESSLY Expensive & Unaffordable Living Expenses”,

“HEARTLESSLY Replaced By Foreign Trash” and

“HOMELESSLY not your Singapore anymore”.

Sincerely, it is not my intention to hit back but really as what's the ground feeling. Not that I am afraid of counter moves but perhaps honest feedback from ground feelings of many Singaporeans who feel disconnected in a sense with this National Day Rally 2012.

Many Singaporeans were looking forward towards more ideas and solutions towards their problems and unhappiness in this National Day Rally 2012. They cannot cope with high prices of cars and housing. They are deeply sore that they cannot have much family work life balance because of highly competitive environment with threat of FT replacements hanging round their necks all the time unceasingly. They are unable to have children as a consequences of such stresses. And many Singaporeans are feeling poor in a sense that their own country and home are invaded in a sense by rich foreigners out bidding them in lifestyle living accommodations. What can they do but to look forward to our dear leader for ideas and solutions in this National Day Rally 2012?

I hope PM Lee gets the picture what's on the mind of many Singaporeans. There are many things and unhappiness that the citizens cannot do anything about but to cope and adapt as best they cope. Internally, they are deep down unhappy with entire scheme of things which is why PAP endorsed Presidential then candidate Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam gotten less than 1% win in Presidential Election 2011. This shows that even the new citizens and migrated citizens are very unhappy with overcrowded Singapore.

So in a sense the citizens are expecting more and hope in this National Day Rally 2012 but they didn't get what they were looking for, which is prominently on their wish list which is less overcrowding with less number of foreigners but instead more overcrowding with intention to squeeze more people into Singapore and so the unhappiness continues forth.

The only person who recognises the angst amongst the population is our Eminent Lee Kuan Yew. He is an outstanding politician with words that can move the nation. His recent "Migrants as temporary solution" speech to our declining population is simple but yet hit home to the point which was discussed earlier here -

There is no political organisation behind such a parody by me, 1 single person. Therefore don't go on any witch hunt looking for opposing entities when there are none behind such a satire which is kind of diluting PM Lee's National Day Rally 2012 speech which I do feel in a way a little not right but as I calculated may as well do it since eventually someone would have done that anyway.

Frankly, if not for casinos, which I am against, I wouldn't be around having a little fun. So I guess if PM Lee is looking for anyone to blame, the arrows point towards the casinos.

I sincerely like another of his theme though - Be gracious and Big Hearted, although that too comes with a little fun attached which was posted earlier -


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