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Committee set up to review Singapore ministerial pay
Committee set up to review Singapore ministerial pay

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has formed a committee to review ministerial salaries.

The committee will be headed by National Kidney Foundation (NKF) chairman Gerard Ee.

Prime Minister Lee revealed this in his speech at the swearing-in ceremony for the new Cabinet on Saturday.

He said: "One important area for review is political salaries. We will always need committed and capable ministers. Politics is not a job or a career promotion. It is a calling to serve the larger good of Singapore.

"But ministers should also be paid properly in order that Singapore can have honest, competent leadership over the long term. I know that Singaporeans have genuine concerns over the present salaries.


Wow, didn't expect so soon after the election, PM Lee works really fast. Do you agree that the opposition is going to find it more difficult to win more seats in parliament in GE 2016 with PM Lee removing bones of contention issues out of the way?
Credit goes to brave Singapore voters who dare to vote for opposition despite all the threats, scoldings, repent, no upgrading, loss of popular ministers and MPs etc by PAP.

Your votes against PAP in other GRCs did the magic. From 1994 to 2011, PAP didn't care and bother to review high ministerial salaries, 17 long years of not listening, finally no choice have to listen to voters who voted for opposition to get them to listen.

Well done, opposition voters of Singapore, you are did what is right for Singapore.

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