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Calls by S'poreans to support eldercare facilities - build where Ministers staying
Calls by S'poreans to support eldercare facilities - locate those facilities where Ministers are staying - Bukit Timah estate

Singaporeans have called on Singapore Ministers to walk the talk and to support eldercare facilities - more of which will be built over the next five years to build where Ministers are staying which is in Bukit Timah estate where the big bungalows are.

Singaporeans said the facilities will not just be for senior citizens now, but also for the next generation when it gets old.

Singaporeans said these at the mid-autumn festival celebration all over Singapore on Sunday evening,

Singaporeans agree that in making Singapore more elderly-friendly, government programmes are only a part of the solution, the Ministers need to show by concrete shining examples to fellow Singaporeans by building more eldercare facilities in the tranquil peace and greenery big bungalows estate in Bukit Timah near where Ministers are staying.

"It's important for Ministers to involve the older ones in our community, not just during festive occasions like tonight, but also in our daily lives. Because we are, our society is ageing quickly. You can see it all around us, and even in Ang Mo Kio, you can see it, many more old people now. And we have to help our seniors to age with dignity and with peace of mind and the best way is nearby where Ministers are staying so that they can pop into the eldercare facilities every night after work or after Meet the People Session," Singaporeans said in unison to Ministers.


Just having a little fun with above write-up, it's been very boring in Singapore now that a lot of people have given up hope having any real conversation with the PAP government - read foreigners up by more than 100,000 from June 2011 to June 2012 despite much propaganda of foreigners inflows being reduced.

It seems that all the talk about reducing inflows of foreigners are mere propaganda to placate the people, all pure talk and mirage only as evidence is contradicting what the politicians have been promising since 2009.

Is it any wonder there is now lack of trust for the PAP politicians that the common phrase used for any PAP campaign are wayang, for show and talk, for talk only etc ?

Oh yes, almost forgot, many people feel that the current PAP government is a weak government who listens more to foreigners than locals as proven by a even greater increase in intake of more than 100,000 foreigners after GE 2011 despite only a few foreigners expressing concerns about tightening of foreigners inflows whereas comparatively countless of unhappy Singaporeans have expressed anger at huge influx of foreigners into Singapore.

The only hope for PAP government to regain trust and rebuild trustworthiness is to declare reducing foreigners from 1.49 mil to 1 mil by GE 2016 or as I had earlier suggested constitutional limit on number of foreigners into Singapore per year and reduction to 1 mil by GE 2016. Otherwise, who is going to trust the PAP government and PAP politicians now that trust is almost non-existence?


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