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Analysis on yearly quota for imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution
Analysis on yearly quota for imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution

Let's examine if it is necessary and out of no choice for the PAP government to implement a yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution.

Before we do that, we must examine the effects of steps taken by PAP government to change and formulate policies in accordance to discovery and realisation by PAP the much unhappiness and resentments of Singaporeans in the recent GE 2011 in May 2011; whether is there any change in the electorate mood after announcements of changes in various policies for the benefits of Singaporeans.

After Singapore General Election 2011 in May, the PAP government has taken steps in the right direction to focus on Singaporeans First to the extent of outright declaration of Singaporeans First policy by PM Lee Hsien Loong at National Day rally 2011 sometime in Aug 2011.

Despite all these announcements of changes in policies, in the recent Presidential Election on 27 Aug 2011, Dr Tony Tan, ex-DPM PAP minister of 27 years, who was perceived by the electorate closer to the establishment, was the only candidate among the four Presidential candidate to have been jeered widely with "Bullshit" on nomination day and was voted in a 7th President of Singapore with a razor thin winning margin of 0.34% with only 35.19% of valid votes. His competitors, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, an ex-PAP grassroots veteran, gotten 34.85% of the valid votes, ex-opposition candidate Tan Jee Say gotten 25.04% of valid votes and independent candidate Tan Kin Lian gotten 4.91% of valid votes.

From this, it can be seen that about 65% of the electorate voted for candidates that are not closer to the PAP establishment, thus it would appear that the electorate mood cannot be easily resolved by earlier policies changes that had been announced and broadcasted widely by local media. Quite a handful of the electorate remains deeply cynical and skeptical of PAP to the extent of using "bullshit" in jeering.

What about new President-elect Dr Tony Tan? Can he play a meaningful role to unify Singaporeans? If new President-elect Dr. Tony Tan, can and able to unify Singaporeans across board then this would lessen for a need to implement a yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution.

As of now, it would appear that it is going to be extremely difficult for any human figure to unify a split Singapore and judging by this Presidential Election, Singapore obviously remains split right in the middle and polarised to various factions. Drastic measure in the form of yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution is needed.

In fact, based on calculations, PAP doesn't have much time and has to decide soon whether to implement yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution before further polarisation take root deeply and PAP cannot recover the lost ground. Any breach in gap or wound should not be left to fester and allow germs to multiply into more germs thereby enlarging into a deeper and wider wound. Actions have to be taken quickly to mend the deep divide.

One has also to ask whether would such a drastic action to implement a yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution help to plaster and mend the wounded divided?

Very honestly, our PAP government is really brilliant and fast to react (and that's why PAP is able to be in power for so long), sources or policies that caused unhappiness and resentments in our electorate are being removed or changed within 3 months after the GE 2011 in May 2011; for example removal of unpopular ministers, a new independent committee to review ministers' salaries, increases in Build To Order HDB flats within few months, increases in train services for various train lines, increase in university places by 2000, limit on foreigners in Singapore universities to 18%, changes to employment passes, declared limit of 30% of Singapore labour force to be foreigners, recent change in People Association rule to allow parties to invite who they want for their booking of space belonging to the government etc.

Now despite all these changes, to date, everyone who is living in Singapore and closely in touch with the ground, can clearly see that such many and earlier actions by PAP are not enough to assure a deeply skeptical and cynical electorate.

Ask any politician and most politicians would strive to avoid implementing a fixed yearly quota on imported citizens as they very well know that more likely than not, new immigrants are a source of political support for any party that opens the door to the new immigrants. It would be safe, logical and reasonable to assume the same thoughts for Singapore ruling government too.

Is there any other option left to truly and convince skeptical and cynical electorate back to the folds of PAP other than having to implement yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution? This approach is more of wanting to recover lost of support ground and unaccepting of the other defeatist accepting of "new normal" approach whereby some believe it is here to stay in Singapore politics. My guess is PAP itself is likely split internally to 2 such camps too. As for me, I don't fully accept the "new normal" approach as I personally prefer to believe that the electorate does scrutinize the candidate or party up for vote and does their homework and comparison. The reason for me not accepting the "new normal" hypothesis is that I place my faith in Singapore voters who are sharp and very shrewd. Although they do keep quiet most of the time, over the last 5 years, with great influx of foreigners, they have risen up and not afraid to be tag as supporting opposition openly in Singapore where politicians have been made bankrupt and this is gutsy which is also why I totally disagree with Lee Kuan Yew that foreign talents are better, more hardworking and enterprising.

The main reason for such a measure is to truly and deeply assure skeptical and cynical Singaporeans that PAP is truly for Singaporeans and not perceived to be for foreigners or for the benefit of PAP; which is the main source of much unhappiness and resentments in our electorate.

In examining various options, there does not appear any measure left to convince and bring back or unite skeptical and cynical polarised electorate. Only with use of Singapore Constitution written in black and white, can a woken previously trusting electorate goes back to being trusting of PAP and its policies. Otherwise, without such a measure, the electorate will continue to be distrustful, cynical and skeptical and will look with "dagger eyes" to review any government policies.

For Singaporeans, any implementation of such a measure of yearly fixed quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution in limited space constraints of Singapore, would definitely appear that PAP has really set aside party politics and sacrifice political capital for Singapore. Skeptical or cynical Singaporeans will have less ammunition to hit at PAP especially when PAP is being seen as truly and proudly "Faithfully Singaporeans First"; that the hard slogging quiet wife is not forgotten for what appears to be new younger prettier concubines.

PAP has some pondering and calculations to do although the choice is clear to some of us. Some pertinent questions PAP would be considering are :- Can PAP afford the loss of not being able to bring in more immigrants for political support in future? Does PAP have the political will to concede some future ground and win back already lost ground? How many elections can new immigrants voters be relied upon to vote for PAP before they too get turned off by PAP and vote opposition, assuming PAP is going to continue its pro-foreigner policies like liberal immigration and PRs policies? Does the benefit of having yearly fixed quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution out weigh future loss in political support due to restriction on ability to import new citizens or will it be become overall loss for PAP? What would PAP gain in 1 stroke with such an implementation of yearly quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution? Can PAP continue onward and avoid the need for such measure knowing festering of wounds would likely enlarge the divide?

Singapore voters are very astute and politically smart. Never forget that they have been electing the right team for many years and even manage to send the right message in this Presidential Election 2011. It would be a matter of time before more and more people would call for implementation of fixed yearly quota for imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution to safeguard their children's future. Such calls would be expected from new citizens too in an increasingly crowded Singapore.

Why then be forced to such a situation and not take a step ahead and implement and gain glory for real self sacrificial and recover lost political grounds with such a move before being forced to a corner and not gain much out of such a move later? Of course, such a move has to be complemented by continuous review of labour policies, employment limits, declared limits and total control of influx foreigners into Singapore. Hopefully, PAP can regain the trust of Singaporeans with such a move before deeper skepticism and cynicism take deep roots among Singaporeans.

Contributor: W H C L

Copyright: Publishment in any media allowed with display of url link

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