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PM Lee calls on S'poreans to participate in constructive dialogue - Shut Down Casinos
Calls by S'poreans to support eldercare facilities - build where ministers staying
"Hopelessly", "Heartlessly" & "Homelessly" Parody to "Hope", "Heart" & "Home" National Day Rally Theme 2012
DPM Tharman: We must show understanding and empathy towards fellow citizens and foreigners
National Day Rally 2012 - A Bigger Heart - An Inclusive Society - BUT
National Day Rally 2012 - Future With "Hope", "Heart" & "Home" - Singaporeans' views
Before PM had the idea of a national conversation...
Get married and have babies, migrants a temporary solution: LKY - Brilliant Cooling Down Angry Singaporeans Against Great Influx of Foreigners.
S'poreans to be involved in "national conversation" on future of country - don't expect too much when we have same group of people in charge.
An example of news report using National Day celebration to reinforce government stance.
Year 2012 - A Singaporean's view on building of casinos in Singapore
Possible counter strike from PAP against their detractors using National Day Rally?
Don't be surprised if announced some property measures on National Day Rally 2012
Critical Thinking : What it can sometimes mean by to think deeper and beyond on news
Another Straits Times article by Foreigner educating Singaporeans on Singapore got more things right than other countries.
Any wonder if Singaporeans are somehow being "educated" on importance of foreigners by Straits Times?
Govt seeks public views on population issues
Private Estate Car Parking, Community Living And Outsiders Parking a.k.a. "Foreigners" Parking
PRC Woman screaming at poor Singaporean old lady who needs priority seat on bus
Breaking through the myths about migration
Your forefathers are also immigrants to Singapore so why are you complaining
Why didn't PAP heed our earlier complaints about the 5 mil population target?
Xenophobia propaganda is obvious counter propaganda against Singaporeans complaints having too many foreigners in Singapore.
Is it really vocal minority? Did you think further when someone says vocal minority?
A Solution To Help PAP win back voters - reduce foreigners drastically
PAP political survival vs lesser foreigners to rent and rental dropping.
Xenophobia propaganda will not resolve so much anger amongst Singaporeans against 1.9 mil foreigners in Singapore.
Clash of cultures in Singapore are making Singaporeans very uncomfortable
Png Eng Huat's speech in GE 2011
Possible Angle of Attack For PAP Against WP for Hougang By-Election 26 May 2012
WP Pritam Singh's rally speech on 22 May 2012
WP Sylvia Lim's rally speech on 22 May 2012
WP candidate Png Eng Huat's rally speech on 22 May 2012
Singapore 2 different worlds offline and online for the year 2012
Png Eng Huatís speech at Hougang by-election rally on 19 May 2012
PAP Desmond Choo stands a good chance of winning
Ferrari Speeding Accident - A Wasted Opportunity For PAP
Poor Hardworking Taxi Uncle Killed By Speeding Ferrari China PRC Driver in Singapore
A Meaningful Rhyme For PAP
Please Cool Down on Anti-Foreigners Sentiments
PAP Should Be Bolder & More Decisive in Reducing PRs & Foreigners
People are turned off by petty politics after reading Singapore Budget 2012
Democrats welcome Denise Phua's support on taxation
Singapore Budget 2012 looks useful in increasing PAP % share of votes in Hougang SMC
Leaders should persuade, not silence, our critics
Many circumstances for our birth rates, so holistic response needed
Anti-Foreigners sentiments in Singapore becoming worse after election 2011
The Evolution of the PAPís Strategy to the New Media
Singapore is paying for 900 full scholarship to non-Asean countries students
Why scholarship to "impertinent ingrate" PRC student to study at NUS?
Yaw Shin Leong not appealing against WP expulsion
Let's have a fixed percentage of imported citizens & PRs in Singapore Constitution
Is it really true that employers unable to find Singaporeans workers to employ?
Singapore Budget 2012: A caring budget, no regrets by loyal Singaporeans
Workers' Party expels Yaw Shin Leong
Can we rely on PAP to look after Singaporeans workers?
PAP should not be so weak as to attribute the loss in political support to new normal
MPs push for change in Government-citizen ties
Sylvia Lim, PAP MPs spar over happiness gauge
Analysis on yearly quota for imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution
Political Thoughts on PE: Dr Tony Tan elected Singapore's 7th President
Second Media Release on Public Sites
Media Release on Untrue Claims of Curtailment of PAP Grassroots Activities in Hougang
Parody of "Singapore too small to afford political paralysis: PM Lee"
Skeptical Singaporeans are wondering what if Aljunied GRC goes back to PAP?
Why only Dr Tony Tan got shouted "Bullshit" by crowds on nomination day?
Didn't PM Lee just said Singapore too small for political paralysis? : Confused Singaporeans
Singapore too small to afford political paralysis: Singaporeans
Singaporeans urge government for yearly fixed quota on imported citizens and PRs in Singapore Constitution
MP for Aljunied GRC, Chen Shao Mao prevented from attending Seventh Month dinner
Feisty Singaporean Girl video after learning of PRCs arrogant attitude towards Singaporeans in Singapore.
Can anyone blame Singaporeans for viewing PAP as pro-foreigners?
Singaporeans curry protest against migrants imposing their standards on Singaporeans